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Chefs & Food Service Pros

Whether as a memorable condiment for the breakfast table or to add distinctive sweetness to your recipes, our carefully crafted organic New Leaf Tree Syrups help inventive, adventurous chefs set the stage for exceptional dining. Used as a natural sweetener for menu favorites or to develop signature dishes and drinks, our unique  tree syrups bring the diverse flavors of the forest across all menu categories from craft cocktails, appetizers and center plate dishes to baked goods and desserts.

Exclusively sourced from The Forest Farmers’ mountain woodlands in New York and Vermont,  our state-of-the-art processing techniques  preserve the flavors and nutrient value of all our tree syrups. Our syrup blends capture the individual flavor profiles of each varietal, and our syrup infusions create unique characteristics inspired by and sourced from our wild forests.  We produce enough pure maple syrup for year round supply whereas our birch, walnut, beech, and other rare tree syrups are available in limited quantities as determined by Mother Nature.

We offer 1-oz and 2-oz glass bottles for single-serve applications, 12.7-ounce bottles for tabletop use, ½-gallon plastic jugs for easy handling in the kitchen, and 5-gallon containers for bulk purchases. Please let us know how we can best partner with you to bring our unique tree syrups to your tabletops and kitchen.

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