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About Us

New Leaf Tree Syrups, produced by The Forest Farmers, is a premium line of artisanal, certified-organic sweeteners made from a variety of tree species. Our single-varietal tree syrups, syrup blends and syrup infusions are handcrafted from maple, birch, walnut, beech and other species to provide the greatest diversity of plant-based syrups in the world. We partner with discerning chefs and food service professionals looking for alternative sweeteners that add value and distinctiveness to their dishes. We are also a leading supplier of certified organic tree saps and syrups used by food and beverage manufacturers.

The Forest Farmers was founded in 2016 and has deep roots in tree sap and syrup production and a strong focus on sustainable forest stewardship. As the author of The Sugarmakers Companion: An Integrated Approach to Producing Syrup from Maple, Birch, and Walnut Trees, co-founder and CEO Dr. Michael Farrell literally wrote the book on tree syrup production. Our 10,000 acres of beautiful forestland in New York and Vermont is carefully managed for a wide diversity of tree saps, sustainably harvested timber, wildlife habitat, public recreation, carbon storage, and other wild foods such as ramps, ginseng, mushrooms, fiddleheads and more.

State-of-the-art facilities use modern, energy-efficient technologies to gather, protect, and preserve the flavors and integrity of our tree saps and syrups. Our team of forest farmers strives to gather and process tree sap in the most environmentally friendly and efficient methods possible. We firmly believe in the potential of tree saps for the functional beverage market, and have developed the world’s largest sap storage capacity to provide a consistent and reliable supply of high quality tree saps to our beverage customers.

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