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Diversity is Sweet!

We see the forest for all the trees.

We don’t tap just the maples. At The Forest Farmers, we appreciate the value (and deliciousness) of a rich forest full of a wide variety of tree species. Our approach provides greater biodiversity and healthier forests while putting an amazing array of syrups on your table. Culinary adventures await when you choose New LeafTM tree syrups, carefully crafted from the pure sap of maple, birch, beech, walnut, or another rare tree species!

maple syrup products in use

Chefs & Food Service Pros

Whether as a memorable condiment for the breakfast table or to add distinctive sweetness to your recipes, our carefully crafted organic New Leaf Tree Syrups help inventive, adventurous chefs set the stage for exceptional dining. Used as a natural sweetener for menu favorites or to develop signature dishes and drinks, our unique tree syrups bring the diverse flavors of the forest across all menu categories from craft cocktails, appetizers and center plate dishes to baked goods and desserts.

Food & Beverage Manufacturers

As our society continues to shift away from artificial sweeteners and highly processed foods laden with high-fructose corn syrup, interest in maple syrup as a wholesome, nutrient-rich sweetener has soared. We are proud to offer certified organic sap and syrup from a wide variety of tree species to fulfill the growing demand for more natural sweetening alternatives. We would love to work with you to bring the natural sweeteners from our forests to your high-quality products. Let us know what delicious food and beverages you would like to create using our saps and syrups!

Mike Farrell standing in front of evaporator

Our CEO: Dr. Michael Farrell served as Director of Cornell University’s Maple Research Center in Lake Placid, NY for 13 years prior to co-founding The Forest Farmers. His leadership and knowledge within the sugaring industry is unparallelled. Mike’s research on the potential for collecting sap from alternative tree species and was the basis of his industry bible, The Sugarmakers Companion: An Integrated Approach to Producing Syrup from Maple, Birch, and Walnut Trees.